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Discover the industry’s pioneering analytical platform tailor-made for influencer marketing endeavors. Easily find the perfect online creators, analyze results, and take complete command of your campaign’s execution.

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Solving the Top 5 dilemmas in Influencer Marketing

Serch & recruit – Say goodbye to scrolling through countless profiles. Discover the perfect creators for your next brand campaign in a matter of minutes, while considering all essential variables.

Making decisions based on the right data – Evaluate creators’ impact before forging partnerships.

Competition analysis – Delve into the achievements and setbacks of your close competitors. Analyze their actions, find inspiration, and craft a strategy for your brand’s winning campaign.

Campaign monitoring & reporting – Worried about capturing campaign results? Our tool automates your work and makes it easier to track the success of your campaign in all key aspects.

Reaching the right audience – Verify influencers’ credibility and base your decisions on their audience demographics, increasing your brand’s chances of reaching the ideal target audience.

Features that will optimize your work

  • Influencer search engine

    ever-growing database of over 60,000 online creators, updated regularly - also at your request.

  • Creator & audience analytics

    access to in-depth statistics and published content preview (including Instagram Stories).

  • Competitor campaign insights

    sneak peek into influencer campaigns run by your competitors.

  • Campaign management

    detailed statistics on your collaborations and real-time campaign tracking.

  • Campaign reporting

    ready-to-send post-campaign reports available for download in two formats: PDF and XLS

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Meet the most popular

online creators

in Poland

In partnership with See Blogger Łódź Festival we annually curate a report that shines a spotlight on the nation’s top online creators. It presents a summary of the activities and accomplishments conducted by the most influential and engaging influencers and public figures. With over 40,000 downloads every year, the Top 100 ranking is consistently referenced by Poland’s major media outlets. 

The Top 100 report is the basis for selecting the winners of the #Hashtagi Roku Awards, an important event as part of the See Bloggers Łódź festival, considered the most important event for online creators in Poland.

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